5 Rowdy New Tracks You Should Hear

by Carly Schorman

Bear Ghost


Bear Ghost returns with their signature sound on this stellar new single, “Sirens”, which came out just a couple weeks back. And, just in case you aren’t aware, Bear Ghost’s signature sound is something of a nerdy prog-rock amalgamation. I feel like I might hear this band at an intergalactic spaceport night club of the future where the oxygen levels have been turned up a little too high for fire safety but just enough to be extra fun. That’s what “Sirens” sounds like to me, but the lyrics paint a slightly different, somewhat darker, image. Something a little more paranoid maybe? Make sure you check out “Sirens” below. This is just the first single of 2020 from Bear Ghost, but word has it that more are on their way!

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Hex Smokers

“Hard to Heal”

This five-piece rock band from Indiana sounds way to cool for Indiana. But that’s just some shit talking from a grrrl in Phoenix, I guess. The Hex Smokers have the right mix of garage and surf to have me hitting repeat again and again. The dispassionate vocal delivery adjacent to the raw energy of the instrumental end mixes a touch of the Strokes with the Stooges. Hex Smokers is releasing a brand new cassette with “Hard to Heal” on it so I’m definitely going to need to add that to my collection.

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The Maybe Next Years


As a publication, we don’t like to encourage drug use, but this song is pretty rad. And, when you get down to it, “MDMA” is really more about climate change than drugs according to the band. The Maybe Next Years get back to their punkrawk roots with some fierce guitars and driving rhythm section. This is a track to get fans moving in the mosh pits and I definitely dig the direction The Maybe Next Years are exploring on “MDMA”. The instrumental break-down is more like an amp-up where they turbo charge the energy. It’s always exciting to see what this band is going to do next. Check out the new single from The Maybe Next Years below!

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Francis of Delirium

“Quit Fucking Around”

Francis of Delirium was originally started as a bedroom music project by Jana Bahrich of Vancouver (BC) before she joined forces with Chris Hewett (drummer/producer) of Seattle to form an indie rock outfit. That sorta reflects the way “Quit Fucking Around” unfolds as well. The song begins with a stripped down sound before the energy really amps up as the instrumental end fleshes out fully. “Quit Fucking Around” stabs right at the heart of the matter: outwardly portraying happiness while internally struggling to find meaning. It’s a feisty wake up call and I’m all about it. “Quit Fucking Around” is just a sample of one of the tracks (and ideas) that will be on the new EP from Francis of Delirium which will be released this coming April.

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The Joeys

“Phantom Bride of 13 Curves”

This band of youngsters from Scottsdale have a frisky rockabilly sound and knack for storytelling – both of which can be heard on their new single. “Phantom Bride of 13 Curves” recounts the tale of a Woman in White that purportedly haunts a stretch of road in Syracuse, New York. The rousing rendition of the urban legend mixes up rowdy and retro for a crowd-pleasing number. The Joeys are a promising musical act on the rise right here in town so make sure you know their name – and check out their music…

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