Music Video of the Day: “plastic door//” by KennyHoopla

“plastic door//”

KennyHoopla is gaining attention from the music world for his genre-blurring style of indie rock. This new track comes to us from the artist’s debut EP, how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?//, which came out on the 15th of this month. There’s some shoegazing drone tied into KennyHoopla’s sound on this single and that carries through to the visual aesthetic of the video. Black-and-white visuals in empty spaces that reinforce the starkness felt on “plastic door//”.  There’s a central focus on the songwriter in an uncertain landscape both aurally and visually, but that in no way diminishes the artistic value of the surrounding support structures. Rather, it enhances their presence because it suggests an understanding of nuance.  Check out the music video “plastic door//” by KennyHoopla and then head to Spotify to dive into the complete EP!

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