Music Video of the Day: “All The Wrong Places” by Hero The Band

Hero The Band
“All The Wrong Places”

This family band featuring the Barnett brothers from Decatur [GA] mix up alt-rock and indie pop is rapidly on the rise. Hero The Band was signed to LAVA Records/Republic Records just last year and caused quite the stir with their debut single, “Back To Myself” last summer. Now they’re back with the slinkier “All The Wrong Places” about looking for love in, well, you know. The quartet grew up in a musical family that extends back beyond this band of blood brothers and they recall singing in an R&B after school and sports were done for the day, but it was the purchase of a karaoke machine that first broached their love of contemporary rock and pop with bands like Coldplay, Queen, Soundgarden, The Beatles, The Fray, Pearl Jam, and more. From there, Hero The Band was born. The rest is soon to be music history.

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