Comp for a Cause | The Trunk Space

Artwork by Michael Patterson

Like many others, our favorite community center and concert venue is feeling the COVID crunch. However, The Trunk Space has long served as a creative multipurpose room and launching pad for local artists and those just passing through our dusty stretch to desert. And those artists remember what The Trunk Space has done for them and this community. Together with the help of Related Records, Dark Hall Coffee, and The Coronado, these artists released a whopping 42-track compilation to support The Trunk Space.

The heft Comp For A Cause offers something for everyone. From long-time TS residents like Hi My Name Is Ryan and Soft Shoulder to newer acts that have only played TS version 2.0 like Kylo Gun and Dwayne And The Rock Hard Johnsons, the compilation features a varied mix of artists from mellow indie to riotous punk. Just as The Trunk Space as served as a place for the strange to gather, the overarching factor that unifies the compilation is uniqueness.

Most of the songs in this collection are previously unreleased. Playboy Manbaby, Dadadoh + The POC, Roar (yes, Roar), Andy Warpigs, and more rad, local artists than it seems reasonable to name are mixed in with some of the national acts that frequented the TS stage, like Jeff Rosenstock and Dan Potthast. Sean Bonnette of AJJ offers a heart-wrenching cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True Love Will Find You in the End” to close out the album. Can’t really go wrong with this Comp for a Cause.

Make your contribution and get 42 SONGS in return. If you hurry, you might still be able to snag a copy of the compilation on double cassette. Srsly tho, you need to hurry.


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