Music Premiere: “Blood_Code” by The Doyénne

blood_code single coverIf you were tuned into The YabYum Hour on Radio Phoenix last night, you got the chance to hear “Blood_Code” as it hit the public sphere. This was a momentous occasion for us, as long-standing fans of The Doyénne. Following 2019’s THE GESALT, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the new era of this ever evolving artist and “Blood_Code” shows us that wait has not been in vain.

This new track gives listeners a sharp vision of the future soundscape of Doyénne and this soundscape is the future. I want to give this new sound a name all by myself that people will use for generations, but the best I’ve been able to come up with is Industrial-Grime-Video-Game-Art-Pop or, my favorite, Gutter Glitter Pop. The trouble is, “Blood_Code” is more than a melting pot for difference styles; it is a hot fusion factory that burns through genre lines like the center of a star. The Doyénne is working on something unique here and the real problem is that people don’t seem to understand how unique that actually is.

“Blood_Code” is a good reminder of why everyone should always be paying attention to whatever The Doyénne is up to on the sonic front. And, as usual, there’s just the right mix of bratty attitude and heart-wrenching sincerity that keeps everything “on brand” even if the product and packaging has been revamped to mark the dawning of a new day for this artist. The Doyénne is plotting some new releases in a tantalizing trickle to keep his avid listeners attentive all year. As part of the new artist co-op MT Threat Productions, The Doyénne is planning on releasing a triptych of EPs titled MACHINA and “Blood_Code” is just our first sampling of that effort.

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