New Track Alert | Todd Briefly | The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom

Todd Briefly
“The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom”

Is Todd Briefly a real person? I have no idea. Do I love this song? Definitely. And with only those two pieces of knowledge in hand, allow me to introduce you to “The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom,” a rambling egg-punk track that dares to pose the question, “Have you ever thought about buying a boat?”

Todd Briefly makes me think of Mark E. Smith on summer holiday… and maybe a few klonopin.  Taking a peaceful romp through the UK by way of boat to a lofi punk backdrop might be exactly what you need to escape your COVID confines. Equally enchanting are Todd Briefly’s mellow but gruff garage rock and match storytelling style. “The Extensive Waterways Of The United Kingdom” is a promising introduction to the collection of demos the artist will be releasing later this month (3/20/21) by way of Sideways Records. Take a tour of the English waterways with Todd Briefly and then hop on that pre-order to secure your cassette copy of the Todd Briefly’s Demos while you still can.

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