New Music Alert | “Coolsville USA” by The Exbats

The Exbats
“Coolsville USA”

The Exbats, one of my favorite bands to see live, had to go and drop a new single just when I thought I was reaching maximum missing out on live music. Good job, guys. “Coolsville USA” was released on flexi disc thanks to Leisure World Tapes on March 1st which means you might actually be able to score a physical copy still. Usually, The Exbats have sold out by the time we hit publish, but at only 150 copies, you better act fast. Like right now.

The Exbats always nails the jangly garage rock that speaks of summertime and carefree teenage revelry even when there are other emotions at play, like on this number. “Coolsville USA” feels a little like kicking rocks around your hometown, restless and comforting at the same time, but set to a beat you can dance to. This Bisbee band never lets me down and “Coolsville USA” is yet another winner from this under-the-radar hitmaker.

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