Best New Band: Whisperlights
Best Use of Unexpected Instrumentation:
Dry River Yacht Club
The Dark Horse Award:
Michelle Blades
Best Happy Hour:
Robin Wilson
Best Sound Fusion:
Liar's Handshake
Best Onstage Antics:
Strange Young Things
Best Music To Drink To:
Matt Reveles
Most Spiritual Experience:  Gospel Claws
Best Kept Secret:
you me and apollo
Editor's 2009 Picks
Carly Schorman
Bre Cline
Managing Editor
Mike McQuillian
Associate Editor
Tobie Milford
Mark Zubia
Black Carl
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2009 was the year of the bass clarinet, as far as I’m concerned. Dry River brought us badass music to groove to using not only a bass clarinet, but a violin, a French Horn, and a bassoon... read more here.
The Sugar Thieves inspire folks to get shakin, so much so that the Sail Inn provides swing dance... read more here
Best Reason to Dance:  Sugar Thieves
Most Strange and Wondrous Performance:
Treasure Mammal
Best Protest Band:
horizon i
Now, we know Robin spends most of his time in New York but... read more here.
The man known onstage as Treasure Mammal never fails to create a more here
Sure, it's a time of war, but another kitschy Green Day-like intersection between pop and rage could make me throw up.  Thankfully some bands recognize the underlying problems and decry the complacency that fills us with fradulant cheer in a time plagued with imminent more here