Episode One: The Bittersweet Goodbye

bittersweet goodbyeEveryone’s getting ready for a going away party at Salome’s. Cherry gets a bonus. Nolan Stone gets an offer he should refuse. An unusual bet is laid at the roulette table. Zarah pours a drink. An unexpected arrival spoils the party.


Produced by YabYum Music and Arts

Executive Producers Carly Schorman and Mark Anderson

Directed by Dale Rasmussen

Written by Carly Schorman and Dale Rasmussen

Sound Design and Original Music by Devin Morris

Audio Engineering by Devin Morris and Mark Anderson


Nolan Stone: Dale Rasmussen

Zarah: Austin Campbell

Cherry Cordial: Anna Katen

Flynn Morgan: Ashley Naftule 

Malachi Stratford: Shawn Collins

Yoli Wallace: Amy Blackwell

Deets: Nick Meza 

Chewy: Brooks Cox

Contessa: Jennifer Salazer Lowe

Winston: Brian McBernie 

Bartel: Richard Nihil

Esme: Christine Arp

Viola: Amanda Sever 

Darius: Lance Mascarenas 

Doorman/Silar: Sean Hantz

Pate: Brian Blackwell 

Charlotte: Katie-Lee Faulkner

Clemente: Derek Rushing

Ona: Celeste Alvarez

Joss: Matt Slusser

“Hey Mister” Woman: Dana Stern

Cop 2 & Narration: Carly Schorman


“Confessions from the Nocturne Nebula Theme”




JR Tundra “Together With You”

Audionautix “Be Bop 25”

E’s Jammy Jams “By The Light of the Silvery Moon”

E’s Jammy Jams “Forget Me Not”

John Deley and the 41 Players “Handprints”

Quincas Moreira “Miles Beyond”

Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions “Sing Swing Bada Bing”

Kevin Macleod “I Knew a Guy”

E’s Jammy Jams “Arabian Sand”

Twin Musicom “Hat the Jazz”

Bird Creek “Moonlight Haze”


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