Web Round Up

I have returned with another week of foraging around the web…

Phx Taco, our favorite place to keep tabs on everything street art around the state, shared this Columbus Day prank. While you’re there check out the newest post on Breeze & Lalo Cota

Playboy Manbaby has created a tumblr page and, like their music, it generates this popculturemeltdown effect. As I have a seizure condition, I could only briefly inspect the page so delve on my behalf.

VegCo – the 100%  plant-based supermarket – is seeking to develop their flagship in Phoenix. Read more about the project and/or pledge your support for this innovative project. 

The Spec armed members of Black Carl with cameras before they took off for Alaskan-tour-adventures. Follow along in pictures. 

Junk in the Trunk is getting ready for one of its fabu, vintage markets, this time at the Icehouse in Phoenix.
I just bought my ticket.

Danielle of Sometimes Sweet opens a dialogue about the role of Sesame Street and PBS in our lives and the current threats of funding cuts should Mittens gain the presidency.
Morganna Guzzon of Modern Times Magazine covers SlutWalk Tempe, an event aimed at raising rape awareness. 

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