Radio Phoenix Broadcast of The YabYum Hour: The YabYum Hour Returns!!

yabyum-hour-returns-700After taking some much needed rest, Senior Editors Carly and Mark are back with The YabYum Hour. A lot of great music is continually being dropped and the Eds picked their fav tracks to share on the air. From indie and punk to jazz and hip hop to pop and Americana, find your new boss jam on this playlist.

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Perry Foster (feat. Romero & Odetta Hartman) “In Your Love”

Golden Boots “She Just Wanted to Watch the Sky”

Field Tripp “Wrapped in Plastic”

Breakup Shoes “How It Goes”

The Nude Party “Lonely Heather”

Courtney Marie Andrews “To Ramona”

Big Thief “Little Things”

Dan Reeder “Nobody Wants to Be You”

Injury Reserve “Knees”

Marshal Good “Something Squishy”

Astrologer “Tomorrow”

Emma-Jean Thackray “Say Something”

Wyatt Blair (feat. Maiah Manser & Archie) “Dimes”

UPSAHL “Melatonin”

Adam Melchor “What A Damn Shame”

Big Thief “Sparrow”

Originally broadcast on Sept. 8, 2021