Favorite AZ Blogs!!

We know all the hard work that goes into running a decent blog. Even with daily posts we don’t ever seem to be able to cover all the worthwhile things going on in Arizona. Thankfully, there are some really wonderful blogs operated from our very own desert state. We wanted to recognize some of our favorite AZ blogs, in no particular order… 
Phoenix Taco: The source for all the best happening in street art around the great state of AZ. Now the blog even offers local art for purchase through its shop. 
Lightning Octopus: For all things geek-culture, Lightning Octopus is a must stop spot. Only here can you find all the nerd happenings going on around town whether you’re looking for the next zombie walk or the list of celebrity appearances planned for the next Comicon. 
The Funset Strip: Arizona is rich in kitschy history and vintage ephemera from our thrift store finds to the very buildings we occupy. For proof one need look no further than The Funset Strip where one can find the then-and-now history of the state’s quirkier establishments. History buffs be forewarned, it can be addictive.
Sounds Around Town: How he does it, we’ll never know, but we think it might have something to do with super human abilities. At first one might think Mitchell Hillman just stays locked in a room somewhere listening to albums with his fingers poised over a keyboard but we know that’s not true because we’ve seen him out at shows. If you dig local music, you should check out Sounds Around Town.
Pen & Fork: Chef and author Gwen Ashley Walters runs an amazing blog for foodies in all forms. Whether you like to cook at home or point to a menu, Pen & Fork will have something to offer. They feature local chefs, cookbooks, eateries, and even highlight foods of the season available to those of us in this strange climate.
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