Go Outside!

A short window of time is opening right before us, the time for perfect weather. This is the time to head out for a hike, or maybe just a relaxing nature walk, through some picturesque scenery. It’s good for your soul. Arizona has some magnificent parks and preserves. Whether you want to reserve campground space for a weekend getaway, plan a day trip, or simply head to one of the Valley’s many nature trails for a quick jaunt, we’re here to help. Go somewhere. See something. Do it soon before it gets too hot and going outside means facing the flesh-burning Phoenix summer.

To make a campground reservation head here
For a map of Arizona State Parks head here.
For a complete list of hiking trails in Arizona head here.
And, since we got started, check out “52 Weekend Adventures” from Phoenix Magazine here.
Still not sure where to start? Try Papago Park located near the Phoenix-Tempe-Scottsdale trifecta. Here are some enticing pictures to draw you outdoors…