Okay, so we all know River Jones is a pretty happening guy. I mean, he has his own label, his own agency,  he’s part of the Craftpop collective for world domination PR and Artist Development, and he still had time to mix and master the new North Dakota album. Just this month Craftpop released a free digital mixtape from some bands soon to be on the up-and-up! It’s a great (free) way to learn about new artists out there.

Acorn Bcorn from Tucson

I’m part of the mix tape generation so I have a special place in my heart for a well-made (free) compilation. And, at 18 (free) tracks, the CRAFTPOPMIX packs in the indie music good times with its friendly folk and experimental pop. I was able to discover some new acts including Tucson’s dissonant rocknroll duo Acorn Bcorn who made my “must see” list in only one track.

A few bands from River’s label made appearances on the mix as well including Bike Thief, Alameda, and Les Rav – honorary Zonies by our count as their on one of our labels. Get your (free) copy today right here!