Face Melting: The Vial of Sound Release Show

For my dad’s 69th birthday I took him to the Vial of Sound Substance Organique Volatile release show at the Crescent Ballroom. Now some may be thinking, “Isn’t he kind of old staying out until 1 AM listening to music that he probably doesn’t like anyway?” Wrong. He loved it as much as I did. He’s been into electronics his whole life and is currently helping me build my own synth-cab. It was a night neither of us will soon forget and a great way to spend some father-son time on his birthday!
Treasure MammaL performing with Santa
Carlos Rivas participating in large scale, live painting
Dave Driscoll of Treasure MammaL rocking the Keytar
Wally Boudway of Wooden Indian
Deon Doughty laying down ink 
Wooden Indian in all their glory
Kym Gooday: This picture is not Photo-shopped, it really looked like this
Josh Gooday singing in that creepy, vocoded, robot voice. Badass.
Pretty much what it feels like watching Vial of Sound perform

by Mark Anderson
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