Live Albums for Your Listening Pleasure

Given enough studio time, anyone can sound like a million bucks on an album (maybe). Making a live album, however, can be a bit more difficult for some folks. It’s sort of like proving your salt, showing your chops, throwing your skills down… I’ll stop. A live album can offer a lo-fi intimacy not found on studio album. Here are a few worthy and recent examples from our noble state.

Race You There

Bisbee Royale Live EP

The earnest indie rock of Race You There has a down-to-earth folksy quality that strikes a comforting chord with listeners. Recorded in December down at The Bisbee Royale, this album has all the adroitness and artistry you’d expect from a Race You There studio release. The EP opens with the airy track “Revelations” that tethers uplifting pop crescendos to a homey core that carries through the rest of the album. Take a listen here. You won’t be sorry you did.


Live at La Cocina

The experimental dreampop of Tucson trio Liila has a decidedly Western sensibility and it’s not just the pedal steel that leaves listeners with that desert feel. The six track album opens with “Rainydaysunshine” – a visceral, punk-tinged soundscape – before giving way to the more familiar and, perhaps, more inviting but still not devoid of dissonance sound of Liila with “Ghost”. Definitely give Live at La Cocina a listen here and get out to see the band live ASAP.

Horizon I

Hi from the Mill

Recorded at the Hayden Flour Mill in good old Temps, Hi from the Mill offers fans a few of the new tracks from their upcoming studio album. One or more of our editorial staff has a vested interest in this band. So, if you’ll notice, I’m not actually saying anything opinionated with regard to this band. I’m just suggesting that you take a moment and listen for yourself. Or not. This is a no pressure situation… but you should, maybe. Listen here.

And, just as an added bonus, we’ve included a few live videos from local bands. 
Remember, hearing music made right there in the same room as you is good for your soul. 
Go see a show!

Good Friends Great Enemies previewing some new work for fans (which should include everyone).

Dogshow performing at the Beautiful Noise Festival in April.