Long Wong’s Gets Fancy

Long Wong’s Tempe is definitely one of my favorite dive bars around town. One of those rad places you head to for the music but not necessarily the food. Don’t get me wrong, the hot wings are delicious. Delicious, but not necessarily something I want to consume as societal concerns over what we eat continue to mount. And, just to share something as a frequenter of music venues, the better the bar food the easier it is to coerce my friends to come down and check out some band. Please keep that in mind. Jack Maverik, owner of Long Wong’s and our Personal Jesus, envisioned this change a little over a year ago and now it is in place. That isn’t the best part, however. No, the best part is the menu. Dishes are named for popular Tempe acts that frequently grace Long Wong’s stage (or, stages if you count the occasional Page Stage). Take, for example, the tklb? – Long Wong’s BLT with a nod to Kalen Lander’s hiphop project. Or how about the Good Friends Great Enemies Pizza Wrap? A decidedly apt pairing if I ever heard one. And all the bread is cooked-to-order, the sauces and dressings are made from scratch, daily produce ensures the freshest ingredients, and a local butcher provides the meat. Amazing. Way to step up the game. For those of you freaking out about Long Wong’s famous classic wings, calm the f- down. They are still on the menu. The LW crew just swapped out the frozen wings for fresh as an added bonus for longtime fans. I can’t wait to head down this weekend and sample the new menu! You should too. In the meantime, check out the new digital menu here
You can’t speculate on the flavor of “Marc Norman” without sounding dirty and I bet Marc Norman loves that. This is just one of the new vegetarian options which also include the vegan Ladylike wrap.
By now you’re probably wondering what is man’oushe bread… The new menu addresses that very question.
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