Show Picks of the Week!!!

After a terrible mishap struck YabYum HQ on Thursday, we’ve been scrambling to reassemble our collection of show flyers. Our sorrow shall quickly fade in the light of all the amazing shows happening this week. Saturday night is hopping with a packed bill at Long Wong’s, the long-anticipated release of the Yellow Minute/Future Loves Past 7″ split, and AZ Kaos‘ 6th Anniversary at Pub Rock. Tuesday night, Boss Frog shares the Crescent stage with The Thin Bloods and Dolores. Wednesday at the Crescent, Joanne Yoshiko has quite the line-up with Small Leaks Sink Ships, decker., and Wooden Indian. And, it is awfully hot outside, so we added a few suggestions for getting out of town. Head to Tucson for Of the Painted Choir, Dylan Pratt, and The Electric Blankets or to Cottonwood for their First Friday with Japhy’s Descent.  Whatever your choice, get out and partake in some live music.

Cool off with a show outside of the Valley of the Sun… 

For More Upcoming Shows, head here
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