Sometimes I Go Out: Second Friday Edition

by Mike McQuillian

On a recent summer evening, we decided to check out Mesa’s 2nd Friday festivities on Main. This month’s theme was Rockabilly Night. Muggy weather kept the crowds light, which worked well, as large crowds make me spook like a horse.


Stopping for coffee is the beginning of any adventure I take. It is my lifeblood. Lo-Fi passed my first test with ease, as their iced coffee was great. It was open-mic night, and we got to hear a pretty good Amy Winehouse cover.  Lo-Fi gets extra points for having brick walls, which, in this humble writer’s opinion, make anyplace feel more inviting.

Tanina Jackson of Babe & Butter shows her work at Lulubell

Remember all the strange creatures that populated your dreams as a kid? What if someone used those dreams as concept art? I think that’s what happened, and designer toy store Lulubell sells the results. Cute Japanese toys, steampunk robots, you name it. Add to that local art on the walls and books of graffiti (and other illustration), and you have a store where finding something that you don’t want to buy is near impossible. Lulubell is a paradise for the imaginative.

Book Gallery

Bookstores look so much cooler in the movies. Creaky wood floors, ladders and an ancient tome hidden on every shelf. Book Gallery is the closest I’ve seen in real life. You won’t find the latest bestseller, but you might see an early edition of Alice in Wonderland (I did). I spent most of my time browsing the science fiction section ’cause I’m a nerd, but they also have special shelves for astronomy, modern film directors and grooming (really). Every book lover needs to spend an afternoon exploring these stacks.

Artist Dski One shows at Lulubell

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