5 Spectacular Singles

Andrew Jackson Jihad

“Sad Songs”

Hometown heroes Andrew Jackson Jihad are gearing up to release a live album recorded at none other than Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom. The first single from the live album is now available through Andrew Jackson Jihad’s bandcamp page here along with a pre-order option. “Sad Songs” quickly became a favorite with me during my nearly psychotic obsession with the band’s 2011 album Knife Man. Like many AJJ tracks, “Sad Songs” manages to convey the sometimes painful observations of our modern day with wry amusement. Listen here today.

Future Loves Past

“Grow Up Tall”

The beloved space pop of Future Loves Past mingles resignation and an almost optimistic acceptance on their latest single “Grow Up Tall” released in June. The band has long been a staple on the Tempe circuit but has yet to release an LP. That’s all about to change. Future Loves Past is planning a two-day spectacularama in September to mark their first full-length album. Start getting ready for the fun to come by spending sometime with “Grow Up Tall” here.

French Girls

“You Make Me Die”

Feisty punk rock with a neck scarf, that’s what you’ll get from Phoenix’s French Girls. “You Make Me Die” is a fun little ditty that will appear on the band’s forthcoming EP as a bonus track, but we can hear it before the official release date as a teaser for the goodness to come. The record release is set for August 23rd at Tempe Tavern where French Girls will be joined by some other YabYum Favs (Man Hands and Naked Pizza) so make sure you get to this show! In the meantime, listen to “You Make Me Die” here.


“Something to Replace”

The ambient electropop of Spectra introduced me to the term chillwave and I’m totally enamored with how fitting I find this word when discussing their music. The dulcet vocals of Suz draw the listener over the gentle waves of synthesized sound. Keith Walker of Holy Coast fame steps in as producer for “Something to Replace” and Rubén Alonso Tamayo mastered the track. Listen to this first tune from Spectra here.

The Electric Blankets

“Little Boots” 

The first track off of The Electric Blankets’ 2012 7″ might not exactly be new, especially considering we covered the band’s latest release this past July in our 5 Super Fresh Albums. But the band only recently made their first EP available for purchase through their bandcamp so this is your first opportunity, dear readers, to download the tracks and carry them around with you where you may go. Spend some time with the garage pop powerhouse that is The Electric Blankets right here.

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