Fall Music Festivals

Oh, Fall… the threat of heat stroke fades as the crisp autumnal evenings settle over the state; Valley of the Sun included. It’s our time to fall in love with the desert all over again. In my opinion, one of the best ways to reassert the Arizona love you might have tucked away for the summer months is to get out for some live music and what better way than an all day (or multi-day) festival?! Here are some of the Fall Festivals happening around our state…

Kaleidoscope Kamp Out  – September 6 & 7  –  Flagstaff

Okay, so early September is not quite Fall, but it’s close enough to count. And the weather in Flagstaff always feels like Autumn to us Phoenicians anyway. The Kaleidoscope Kamp Out offers a mix of local and national acts ideal for your inner urban hippie crying out for some nature time. Where else can you see Summit Dub Squad and Dry River Yacht Club on the same bill? For the full line-up and tickets, head here!
Gumption Fest  –  September 7th & 8th  – Sedona

Two stages for two days of music, art, poetry, and community in beautiful Sedona. Did we mention that the event is all-ages and free?! This is Gumption Fest’s eighth year in the running and this year the event’s bill is restricted to just artists from the area (Cottonwood and Sedona) so you can expect some great acts like decker. and Jake Payne to perform. For more information (no need to purchase tickets) head here
Lushfest  –  September 13 & 14th  –  Tempe

The long-awaited debut from Future Loves Past doesn’t just get a release show. No, no, they’ve planned a whole weekend full of fun to commemorate this grand occasion. Both stages at the Sail Inn will be featuring more local acts than your ears can possible take in with Future Loves Past closing down the outside stage on both nights. Head here for more info about Lushfest and the complete lineup. 
Southwest Terror Fest  –  October 10 – 13th – Tucson

Four days of metal at its loudest and grimiest. Genre-uniting Southwest Terror Fest has a steadfast following that any die hard metal fan should consider joining. With a total of 65 bands, this just might be the largest independent music festival happening the season. A four-day wrist band and t-shirt package are available for only 50 people so you might want to get yours today (here). For more information about the event, head here

Apache Lake Music Festival – October 18 & 19 – Tortilla Flats

Definitely one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Apache Lake Music Festival offers perhaps the best line up for full-blooded local lovers. ALMF has achieved an almost cult-like status as the festival for locals and it just might be the best two day party that happens within our borders; a party where everyone lays down to take a nap and then gets up to keep rocking out. The line-up will be announced on September 3rd, but if years past are any indication of what’s to come, you’re going to want tickets. For more information, head to the ALMF website here or check out the event’s page here.

Night of the Living Fest  –  November 2nd  –  Tucson

Old Tucson Studios is opening their space up for Night of the Living Fest: an all-day festival offering not just music but also food, vendors, and entertainment (like live art installations and custom designed miniature golf courses). Really, though, it’s all about the music and Night of the Living Fest has really wrangled some amazing bands to join in their soiree including The Meat Puppets, Deerhoof, NOBUNNY, Lenguas Largas, Acorn Bcorn, Cherie Cherie, and many more! Early tickets are available for $25 for just a few more days so save yourself some dollars by signing up early. You’ll  be glad you did. Head here for more info.

Sidepony Music Fesitval  –  November 15 -17th – Bisbee

The Sidepony Music Festival was just about the best goshdarn time we had last year in one weekend (you can read all about our fabulous time here). Quaint, intimate, friendly, eclectic, and rocking. The hostess pairing of Sidepony’s Anamieke Quinn and Bisbee make for an incomparable getaway. Wander between charming venues listening to musical guests selected by someone who really gets local music. The best part? The event is free. Get a room and stay for the whole weekend. More about the festival here.