5 Albums to Get Excited About

As October winds down this week and we all face the impending chaos of yet another holiday season, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that there is plenty to look forward to before the year comes to her close. Mainly, new albums from some established Arizona artists we’ve been eagerly anticipating follow-ups from… Check ’em out and share in our excitement.

Dry River Yacht Club

El Tigre 

Um, yes, Dry River Yacht Club has been hard at work on their latest album set to drop on November 16th at the Crescent Ballroom. This should be more than enough information to have fans in a tizzy of fervored joy. Now, I’ll go on to also mention that El Tigre has quickly established itself as my favorite DRYC album ever. A couple early tracks from El Tigre can be heard here. Listen and love and then we’ll see you at the album release, more info on that event here.

The Hill in Mind

The Hill in Mind

This Friday at the Rogue, help The Hill in Mind celebrate the release of their self-titled debut. The EP comes in at four tracks of thoughtful construction and composition by Joshua Hill and performed by Hill along with Max Knouse, Sir Jonathan Lang, Jacob Eary, and Nat Theobald. Bob Hoag of Flying Blanket Recording produced, mixed, and, of course, recorded the project. Listen to the first single “Spider-Shirt” here.

Stephen Steinbrink

Arranged Waves

I love love love Stephen Steinbrink and I know I’m not alone on this. I have listened to I Drew A Picture (released in June 2012) more times than I could possibly count and I’m ready for my next installment of melodious, beautiful, modern folk a la Steinbrink. It looks like that time is almost upon us with the first single from Arranged Waves, his forthcoming album, now available online. Listen to “Now You See Everything” here.

Mouse Powell

These are the Good  Times

The first single from Mouse Powell’s soon-to-be-released full-length is chalk full of nostalgic warm-fuzzies. Its name, taken from the show where everybody knows your name, Cheers, brings to mind after dinner tv time with the folks as a youngster. That’s the era from whence “Cliff Clavin” came. These are the Good  Times is due on on November 12th. Until then, enjoy the first single here.

Manual Sex Drive

Music is Dead

Manual Sex Drive has a new album underway and an early track from the impending release have made their way online. An early single, “Black Jack”, is both gritty and lively – a combination I just so happen to favor. Rockabilly with an extra layer of punkrock grime with a twist of maniacal laughter thrown into the mix. The new album isn’t due out until next summer. Listen to “Black Jack” here and join us in the long wait for Music is Dead.

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