5 Top Show of the Week!!

So not everyone is at Apache Lake Music Festival this weekend which is awesome because we aren’t either. Thankfully, there are some eclectic happenings around town this week so everyone should find something to suit their fancy. For more Upcoming Shows, check out our Upcoming Shows page. 
Kick things off on Third Friday (tonight) at the A.R.T.S. Market this Friday and catch Animalogue: a multi-media production featuring dance with live music from RPM Orchestra. 
Also tonight, The Balacony Scene will be playing their last show at The Trunk Space along with Janelle Loes and Straight Straws Straight Straws. Eleanor Murray is in from the Northwest to headline the event.
Head to Yucca this Saturday for a rowdy good time as Gaby Kaos and Drea Doll, both of Venomous Pinks’ fame, will be celebrating their birthdays in true punk style – with a bunch of bands and a kick ass show.

More tapes coming your way this weekend! Saturday at The Trunk Space is the All-Ages event to be at. Tk and the Irresistibles, Hip Don’t Dance, and, well, you can just read the flyer. And, you can catch the Treasure Mammal Art Show to celebate the band’s 10 year anniversary!

Get weekday feisty at the Rogue this Thursday with Down by Fire, Skull Drug, and more. There or square, folks.
And, of course, we have to give a shout-out to the Grand Avenue Festival happening downtown this Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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