Axiom Offers All-Ages on the Westside

I remember my underage days spent lurking outside of venues trying to hear bands, hostile to the fact that a lot of smaller music clubs didn’t offer all-ages access. Thank Jebus, all that’s over for me and everyone else on staff.

There are a few spots around the Valley that offer the younger crowd of music lovers a chance to get out there and see some live acts. The Trunk Space is a downtown favorite for all-ages shows while the Parliament is offering Tempe a glimmer of hope. Now, a new all-ages spot is opening on the Westside so all folks in Peoria and Glendale don’t have to drive across New Hampshire to see a live show.

And it looks like Axiom is going to be offering some stellar shows. To kick things off, Saddles, The Cold Desert, Ryne Norman, and Bentley will all be performing at the Grand Opening on October 12th. The following night The Lions Club, Old Hours, and April Bird will be joined by Nevada’s Avalon Landing.

That’s a hell of a first weekend. My only problem is that I’m in for a bit of drive from Tempe but it’s only fair given how many shows happen in my neck of the woods. Fair is fair.

The westside of town deserves their own rad all-ages venue where local acts rule the stage. Looks like Axiom is here to help. More on Axiom, including location, here.

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