Top 5 Shows of the Week!!

Usually we’re so jam packed with weekend shows, we barely offer a nod to the weeknight haps. Not this week. This week great live shows just keep happening… Check out our Upcoming Shows page for even more rad events around town!

Anamieke celebrates her birthday on Friday at the Rogue with Dirty Lingo, Field Tripp, and The Deer Leader along with her band Treasurefruit. Get out to First Friday early and then head on down for a rocknroll show.
Rest up after First Friday and head out to Mikel and Meridith’s Big Ass Wedding Show at the Sail Inn with Dry River Yacht Club, Banana Gun, Future Loves Past, and, of course, the Sugar Thieves on Saturday night! 
Sunday, say goodbye to Sun Ghost as the hometown favorites play their last Phoenix set of Sun Ghost songs (more here) at the Crescent Ballroom. Joining them will be Genre and the Shivereens.
Two awesome Crescent Shows in a row. They serve food, right? Maybe you could just stick around after Sun Ghost until the Monday night show kicks off? Maybe. Tres Lunas, Where Are All the Buffalo?, Owl & Penny, and Good Friends Great Enemies make for a stellar line-up. There or square.
Another fabu night at the Trunk Space is in store for you cats on Thursday. Couches will be joined by a phenomenal local line-up featuring several acts from the Rubber Brother Records crew. 
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