Favorite Antiheroes: Wolvves

They don’t offer feel good messages for the hug-it-out generation. No, Wolvves will give it to you straight every time, even if that means toes get stepped on and hearts get broken, musically speaking, of course.

I’ve collected some lyrical examples from their first EP Live Forever to support the above statements:

            “Pizza’s my religion.” 
            “I don’t care about none of this shit because I’m gonna live forever.” 
            “I don’t give a fuck.” (like a million times)
            “I hate my friends.” 
            And, let’s not forget, “I hope you choke on Satan’s dick.” 

I’ve always been one to value straightforwardness to an artificially pleasant countenance. It might not make for the most easy-going social encounters every time, but at least you always know where you stand.

And let’s not forget here people, this is about art which can sometimes be affronting. If you don’t get that maybe you just don’t get art. I hear professional sports can be interesting, maybe that’s your thing. Live Forever is really fucking good. Unsentimental, disarmingly honest, and set to a beat you can dance to. Late capitalism at its finest, if you ask me.

But before you get your boxers in a bunch, ask yourself these very important questions: Do you want to live forever? Do you want to eat pizza forever?

Sometimes, I do and, in those moments, there is Wolvves to satiate that inner dystopian fury with some rowdy music.

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