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Arizona Music BlogDogbreth

Close With You

The sweet, sentimental indie rock of Dogbreth has secured the band an ardent following. In fact, several friend-fans can be heard on this single, recorded at Audioconfusion, performing with the “Close With You” Choir. For a band who tags with “powerkindness”, the latest released track from the project does appropriately feel a bit like a warm hug from a childhood friend. “Close With You” can be found on the Puppy Love Mixtape or online right here.

Banana Gun 

Mirror, Mirror

So we’re a month away from the release of Banana Gun’s followup to their 2012 album  The Elephant in the Room, and we couldn’t be more excited. “Mirror, Mirror” is the first single from Love.Instinct. a rowdy, rocking number that shows off the rustic growl of Kevin Lyod as well as the musical adeptness of Banana Gun to avoid any conventional classification for their sound. Roots rock mixed with indie folk? Funky, get-down jam band with a backbone of blues? Who cares! No matter what you call it, Banana Gun’s music should be heard. Listen to “Mirror, Mirror” and join the countdown to the new album!

Losing Heat cover artDrive-by Dunk

Losing Heat

We first became enamored with Drive-by Dunk with their release Driveway Drunk last year so when we caught word that new music was being issued by the one-man band excitement abounded. “Losing Heat” shows something of Drive-by Dunk’s progression as an artist. The track still manages to capture the unique songwriting ability of the artist, but the recording moves further from lo-fi, experimental pop toward a solidified sound – a sound I definitely want to hear more. Listen to “Losing Heat” here, a lot.


We Must Be Gods

This four-piece outta Tucson is making a resurgent push for power alt-rock with the single “We Must Be Gods”. Hopefully, the track portends of a new album from Signals to follow-up their 2012 album Guided Missiles and Misguided Men. The vocals heard on “We Must Be Gods” have a pop-punk edge that blends well with the intricate guitar work. Signals definitely knows how to drive up the energy in their tracks. I bet they put on a hell of a live show. Listen to “We Must Be Gods” here.

Celebration Guns

folk inside

I am definitely digging the ambient indie pop of Celebration Guns. When I first heard the quitter EP, I caught onto the fresh, lively, bright sound heard, reminiscent of summer oranges and swimming pools teaming with kids from the neighborhood. The latest track from Celebration Guns come to us from a split tape the band put out with Twin Ponies. The quality of the home-recording leaves something to be desired. I know, I know, you gotta start somewhere. There is considerable pressure to put out recordings as soon as possible, making public super early recordings that might have been put aside in another, pre-computer era. That being said, you can hear how good this band is when listening to “folk inside”. Can’t wait for the later recordings.

Kathryn Rose

It’s Gunna Be So Much Fun

Kate Feldmann of Muscle fame has begun releasing under the moniker Kathryn Rose and we were totally excited to hear this first single from this new solo project. “It’s Gunna Be So Much Fun” pushes the experimental pop line further than we’ve heard Kate go before. To be honest, the crying at the beginning of the song weirds me out a little, as do some of the incorporated sounds placed within the track, but that’s what experimentation is, folks. Testing new sounds. Exploring varied combinations. Kathryn Rose has this cool grrl style, blurring disaffected and discontent, that comes across in both her lyrics and her voice itself. Definitely someone I plan to keep following. Listen here.

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