Top 5 Shows of the Week!!

Get excited, music lovers, because this week is going to be awesome. Friday night, opt for fun and funky at Last Exit Live with PAO, Samuel L Cool J, and more. OR throw yourself into the chaos of Wolvves, Thin Bloods, and more at Parliament in Tempe. Your choice. Saturday night, KWSS and Stem Recording join forces for an epic night at Crescent with the Shivereens, Fairy Bones, Narc Morman, TKLB?, and the list goes on. OR you can head to the Yucca Tap Room for a night of punk rock with D.C. Fallout, The Quitters, No Gimmick, and more. Thursday night, the place to be is Last Exit Live as the Dirty Rascals present the music of Andrew Duncan Brown. Get out and get lively. For more Upcoming Shows, head here