Rubber Brother Records: Puppy Love Mixtape

The Puppy Love Mixtape is the first ever benefit compilation tape from Rubber Brother Records. It premieres new material from Dogbreth, The Wavelengths, and Good Friends Great Enemies paired alongside some older tracks in the label’s discography.

Dogbreth’s track “Close With You” is one of their sweeter, mellow tunes with a catchy fuzzed-out guitar lead that pops in. The Wavelengths contribute a surf rock instrumental with a fantastic keyboard solo towards the finale. “Feelsgoodman.jpg” by Good Friends Great Enemies is another soothing instrumental lead by soft classical guitars.

Songs from some of Rubber Brother’s first releases are featured on the tape like Instructions’ “Jeff Gordon” and Wolvves’ “Live Forever”. Los Puchos’ “Eliana” is a strong garage rock throwback starring a 12-string guitar lead that will get stuck in your head. The recently established Leonardo DiCapricorn are thrown in the mix with the high energy “Jno”.

While most of the comp is rock of various flavors, there are some oddball takes on hip-hop from Hug of War and Treasure Mammal towards the end showing the eclectic quality of the label. This cassette is a great way for anyone to get into what Rubber Brother is all about. The community they are building is immensely positive for artists and music fans alike. Although, to truly get a full grasp of the Rubber Brother aesthetic, a visit needs to be payed to their all-ages music space: Parliament.

Listen and purchase the Puppy Love Mixtape here.

by Miguel Guzman
Contributing Writer
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