5 Live Music Videos That Will Rock Your Socks Off

Good Friends Great Enemies
“Through My Window Pane”
This is a stellar band. So good in fact that we’re not totally weirded out that they seem to dress up in their practice space to play. Just a little weirded out. Panama hats and panda masks aside, this is a rad band delivering a solid tune with the addition of some very snappy visual effects. Enjoy.


The Trundle Sessions records artists performing stripped down songs when they pass through Tucson. Phoenix’s Dogbreth stopped into to record this number. For a complete list of performances recorded by the Trundle Sessions, head here.

Playboy Manbaby

“Minivan” Live at the Crescent Ballroom
I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Robbie perform so unencumbered by, well, fans. Every time I’ve seen him perform, he is encased in a throng of thrashing, fun-loving show-goers. Hats off to Jeff Moses for being at the Crescent Ballroom to snag this live video of one of Phoenix’s favorites working the stage. I’m mean, just look at that freeze-frame below. Good times.
“Valerie” by the Zutons unplugged in BisbeeFlashback to Bisbee for the Sidepony Express Music Festival and you get this great cover of “Valerie” from the talented folk of Ruca. Notice how fast that room goes quiet once Haley’s voice kicks off. I know because I was in that very room, but, thankfully, I was not the one filming or you would have heard me singing along. Dear god.

Boss Frog
“Arachnid Rousseau” live at Revolver Records

So the video might go a little fuzzy here and there, but any opportunity we have to post about Boss Frog we’re going to seize. We also love these little outdoors shows that Revolver Records has been known to host on First Fridays and other special occasions.