If You Missed Phoenix Comicon…

If you (like me) couldn’t make it to Phoenix Comicon, don’t let your disappointment turn into a bitter ball of under-appreciated nerdom. Let this serve as a reminder that your inner geek should have a daily presence in your life and not just when you sit down for a weekend binge of Firefly. Here are some local artisans doing their part to ensure your geeky side gets the indulgence it deserves…


These Super Mario World Piranha Plants are the perfect housewarming present for the person in your life more invested in video games than the care and maintenance of an actual living thing. Just Another Level also features an array of adorable items including pixel hair barrettes and Legend of Zelda wall art.


For all you Steampunk fans out there, we have a couple offerings for you today including this charm of a Phoenix from Anachronistic Creations


Arizona artist and illustrator Rob Osborne made a stop at Phoenix Comicon, but if you missed him, I suggest checking out his artwork like this 3D Girl Modern Pop Art Print.


The above product combines two of my favorite things: Star Wars and Strawberry Hedgehog soap. And, I never even imagined such a thing was possible. This Stars Wars set of soaps comes with mini Darth Vader helmets, one Han Solo in carbonite, and one Millennium Falcon all for one low, low price. FYI, there is also a Dr. Who and a Firefly set…


Okay, okay, I know we’ve mentioned the Casual Cosplayer before but we definitely couldn’t leave them out of this post. How do you move your wardrobe from Comicon to casual? Easy with clothing like this Scarlet Witch-inspired tee. Or maybe you prefer Wonder Woman or Rogue or maybe Captain America? The Casual Cosplayer can accommodate your fandom needs.

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