Serene Dominic: For Your Extreme Convenience

Serene DominicThe latest release from Serene Dominic offers listeners a slice of modern living from within the framework of thoughtfully constructed indie rock. It tells a singular story, one that we all can relate to, as it carries us through the working week.

Opening the 13-track album is “Snoozebar/Days of Futile Tasks”, a foreboding look at Monday from the close of Sunday night that captures the dreary, soul-crushing work week most of us are forced to face to ensure our daily survival. Dominic ensnares those issues of our age, not the “news worthy” crises of terrorism or changing weather patterns, but the subtler dilemmas that constantly add to our existential anxiety.

For Your Extreme Convenience is a very office-oriented collection with songs ranging from the Frankie Valli croon of “The Girl from Analytics” to the folk-infused “Working Man”. Recorded at his home studio, also known as The Green Room, Dominic provides most of the instrumentation and vocals on the album. Dominic proves his worth as a songwriter of astonishing range, stylistically speaking. The astute listener can derive that Serene’s host of influences likely span the whole history of rocknroll from its earliest inseminations to popular modes of present day indie/alternative. “Sweet Interference/ 3 PM Sugar Crash” alone can stand as testament to the previous statement, adding elements of pop plucked from various eras, including do-wop background vocals and electronica elements.

There is a wry humor, the kind that will make you smirk at your desk, sprinkled throughout the darker overtones of the album. “Selfie” – one of my favorite tracks – offers these elements in perfect balance, both levity and gravity. I also enjoyed the line “I don’t know how far I’d have gotten if it wasn’t for my anti-stress zen garden,” which Dominic sings in “Anti-Stress Zen Garden” (obviously).

For Your Extreme Convenience from Serene Dominic is available for preview and download here. Purchase of the album includes a 28-page downloadable color booklet that you definitely want. Not only will you find all the lyrics to the songs, but the accompanying artwork will help you enmesh yourself into cubicle life for the duration of For Your Extreme Convenience. Many of the images were reappropriated from former office gigs, according to Dominic who also includes his personal job history toward the end of the booklet – previous jobs include one day as a Peanut Brittle Salesman.

Serene Dominic & the Gemseekers will be performing at the Firehouse Gallery in Phoenix on Sept. 20th so mark your calendars!


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