5 Worthy Contributions

Pre-Order Patsy from decker.! 

Sedona’s decker. is a musical favorite of ours and the band is ready to finish up Patsy in time for the grand unveiling early next year. Fans have their opportunity to pre-order the new album as part of the band’s fundraising efforts. Patsy promises to be a contender as one of the best albums of 2015 so get in on the action early. Place your order here and watch some exclusive decker. clips!


Join The Space Rangers!

Help the Phoenix filmmakers over at Atomic Age Pictures make this retro sci-fi flick certain to be a kitschy classic. Contributors can score early copies of the DVD or even passes to the official cast & crew screening in Phoenix.  Watch trailers and exclusive clips (and make your contribution) here.

Help The A-OKs record their 4th Album!

Throw a little love toward Denver punk rockers, The A-OKs, and help fund their fourth album!  You can help music get made and earn some limited edition posters and t-shirts, or even cupcakes (vegan option included). Learn more and contribute here.

Help Dawson Carroll Record Singin’ for Gold!

Austin singer-songwriter Dawson Carroll is ready to undertake a new recording project. Not bad for a kid that just graduated high school. Carroll’s got talent and I, for one, can wait to hear the album. Contribute here and score early copies of the album, original artwork, and more.

Fund the First EP from Maltese Cross!

Phoenix rockers Maltese Cross are ready to make their very first EP and could use a little help. New fans can get Maltese Cross shirts, customized flasks, or even an invite to a jam session. All that and more here.

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