Best Eternal Summer Album: Lawnchair’s EP

Lawnchair - YabYum - Arizona Music BlogI always convince myself there is nothing worse than the Arizona summer. That is, until I’m sitting in the freezing cold on the precipice of a new year and then suddenly I find myself longing for days when I don’t have to wear ten layers of clothing. Thankfully, I have my trusty copy of Lawnchair’s EP on hand to get me through these chilly months.

The humbly titled debut from Tempe’s Lawnchair came out in early June last year, just as the summer heat was starting to gnash its teeth, and just in time, by my count, to set an upbeat pace for the whole season. And now that winter is upon us, Lawnchair has proven itself against the first test of time.

Lawnchair has a stellar blend of garage pop and summertime surf. The band describes their music as “Sub-4-minute rock songs about girls, food, Arizona and self-loathing.” We say Lawnchair’s EP is chalk full of new favorites that will be revisited on BBQ playlists and roadtrip mixtapes for years to come.

Turn up the heater, put on some sunglasses, and listen to EP by Lawnchair here to beat wintertime blues with this eternal summer album. And, coincidentally, you can catch Lawnchair tonight at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. Maybe they’ll even play some of the new songs they’ve been working on…

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