Dark Horse Award: Copper & Congress

Arizona Music BlogI think it was something about the name that glazed over Copper & Congress in my mind. Understand, please, that many of our conversations take place in noisy, crowded, music-filled spaces. I must have walked around for at least a little while thinking the band was actually a new bar in Tucson. Embarrassing, I know, but when I talked to others about Copper & Congress, it seemed as if the confusion was more pervasive than I thought.

However, when I actually sat down and listened to some tracks from Copper & Congress after a fellow YabYummer made it clear they were an overlooked contender, I was impressed to say the least. C&C offers up sultry, desert soul featuring musical talents of Katie Haverly (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), Patrick Morris (Bass), and Julius Schlosburg (Drums).

Spend some time with the music of Copper & Congress (available through their Soundcloud page here). “Deja Vu” is a personal favorite. I’m also a big fan of “Decoy” featured in the band’s music video below.