5 Fabu Fundraisers – Help Make Some Art!!

Artists are always on the struggle. That’s why we all have to help each other from time to time in order to ensure that art continues to be made. And, for your thoughtful contributions, you can score yourself some awesome awards! Check out these 5 Fabu Fundraisers from Arizona artists below…

Durant’s Never Closes from Running Wild Films

The local filmmakers over at Running Wild Films are known for ambitious undertakings and they’re gearing up to prove that Hollywood has nothing on Phoenix. The new film startring “Tom Sizemore, Pam Grier and Peter Bogdanovich is the incredible true story of Jack Durant, a mysterious restaurateur.” A local tale with an all-star cast, count us in!

The New Album from Horizon i

One of our favorite local acts until we commandeered their bassist for our editorial staff. The H.i frontman is going away to school so they only have a short time to get into the studio to record their new material before their hiatus. And we don’t have any money because we spend it on you jerks to keep the site going. So there.

Help The Gurley Girls Record Their First Album

The Gurley Girls are a “femme-folk pop-rock band” consisting of seven women out of Prescott, our friendly northern neighbor. They are ready to record their first studio album and need a little extra help. Earn early copies of the album or even your own song. Help these ladies reach their modest funding goals.

MaricopaCon 2015

The gamers of Phoenix are gearing up for another round of MaricopaCon.  We’ve been impressed with their organizational capabilities in the past and this year promises to be better than ever. Get your full access passes to the event, original scifi art, or you can even deem yourself “Guest of Honor” at MaricopaCon2015! More front event organizer Jason Youngdale below…

New Lathe for Woodworker

When you’re an arist, the loss of equipment is not only heartbreaking but a financial difficulty as well. Local artist and instructor Brian Staeheli lost his lathe and his computer on the same day. He needs a little community support to get back in the game! And his rewards for contributions are fabulous, handcrafted wood items.

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Sushi Dokoka Food Truck

Michael and Sharon Merriman have tested their sushi skills in the brick-and-mortar setting. Now they’re ready to hit the road with Phoenix’s first sushi food truck! “Dokoka” means “anywhere” and that’s what the Merriman’s are planning on creating. Sushi Anywhere.

YabYum - Arizona Music Blog

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