Radio Phoenix Podcast with Burning Palms

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The luscious ladies of Burning Palms joined us down at the Radio Phoenix studios at the Phoenix Center for the Arts back in November. They brought along some wonderful tracks to share from other southwestern artists. Give it a listen right here! Complete playlist down below.


Burning Palms “Thorns”

Jeffertitti’s Nile “Sleep Tonight”

Corners “Love Letter”

Girl Tears “Nothing”

Girl Tears “Kill for Love”

Man Hands “Cat Life”

Shady Francos “Lucy’s Kickin the Habit”

Destruction Unit “The Church of Jesus Christ”

Dead Marshes “The Crown”

Cosmonauts “What Me Worry”

Burning Palms “Pyramids”

Dead Gurus “Starflower”

Originally recorded live on November 28, 2014.