5 Fantastic Fundraisers

Send Jerusafunk on Tour!!

We love that local funktrain Jerusafunk is raising needed tour funds the old-fashioned way with a knockout event certainly to live emblazened on the minds of all attendees for years to come. You should be there. Really. You want to be there. The fundraising spectacularama will be happening on May 17th at Lawn Gnome Publishing. Jerusafunk has planned an all-day BBQ extravaganza featuring bands like Boss Frog, Supa Joint, Pro Teens, Casual Encounters, Fairy Bones, Fathers Day and many others. More information on the event (including the complete list of performers) here.

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Help Fund Shining Soul’s European Tour

Phoenix hiphop artists known as Shining Soul is taking their music to Germany! The act has a sixteen day tour already planned for this June but they can use a little help making it happen. Contributors can earn some rad schwag like band t-shirts and hoodies.  And you can rest easy knowing you helped put PHX HipHop on the world map. More info here.

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Related Records’ Compliation “Everybody’s Looking At Their Phone Project”

Some of you might remember ​“.​.​.​It’s Called A Seperation”: 10 Years of Fathers Day, a commemorative release wherein16 different acts offered up their rendition of “Did I Use the Word Divorce?” to mark Fathers Day decennial. It looks like they’re ready to launch another project of a similar nature, this time covers and remixes of the song “Everybody’s Looking at Their Phone” originally written by Eli Kluger of the band Slacker’s Agenda. They’re asking for a modest amount and you can secure some truly unique rewards (including the opportunity to accompany Kluger on a Goodwill trip). More here

 Help Disappointing Monsters Transition to Print!

The folks behind the webseries known as Disappointing Monsters are ready to release a 5 issue mini-series, but they need a little help! There are some super fabulous original items up for grabs in exchange for contributions, including a spot as an “extra” in Disappointing Monsters. More information can be found here

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Help Teneia Claim Her Tiny Musical House

Songbird Teneia and her partner in both song and life, Ben, have plans on taking their Phoenix act on the road… permanently. That’s right, folks. They’re going to be living the dream, traveling from town to town, living only by their talents and wit, but they need a little assistance getting the tiny musical house that will carry them from town to town. In exchange for your goodwill, you can earn some awesome rewards – including personalized songs or even a flying lesson. Yes, in an actual plane. More here