Radio Phoenix Podcast with Leonardo DiCapricorn

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Leonardo DiCapricorn won our award for “Best New Band” last year and, almost as exciting, they came down to Radio Phoenix to join us on the air to share some of their favorite bands! You can listen to that show here in podcast form. The complete playlist can be found below.


Leonardo DiCapricorn “NUNU”

Petty Things “Isolation”

The Thin Bloods “Peter was a Virus”

B.O.T.S. “Niagro Punk Ops”

Instructions “Shannon”

Sundressed “Hold Your Head Up High”

Playboy Manbaby “Moldy Cannoli”

The Echo Bombs “The King of Uncool”

Small Leaks Sink Ships “Pray for Pills”

Leonardo DiCapricorn “Bummer Daze”

Andrew Jackson Jihad “Heartilation”

Red Tank! “Sexy Zombie Virus”

Instructions “Tap”

Leonardo DiCapricorn “B-Day Song”