Radio Phoenix Podcast with Owl & Penny

owl & penny 01

Folk favorites Owl & Penny joined us down at Radio Phoenix headquarters inside the Phoenix Center for the Arts to chat and share some of their favorite local tunes. The complete playlist can be found below.


Owl & Penny “Harvests in the Soot”

Northern Hustle “Homestead”

Dylan Pratt “Beg for Fire”

Huckleberry “Handle Me”

Future Loves Past “Sacrifice”

Justin Moody “Coat (A.L.)”

Owl & Penny “Baths”

B.O.T.S. “Niagro Punk Ops”

Saddles “The Original”

Celebration Guns “Old Habits”

Tres Leches “La Marcha de las Tortugas”

Originally aired February 18, 2015.