Radio Phoenix Podcast with Ryan Avery of Related Records

Ryan Avery 01

Ryan Avery of Related Records as well as the Phoenix bands Drunk & Horny and Fathers Day joined us live at the Radio Phoenix studios in the Phoenix Center for the Arts for our bimonthly installment of Rise! The complete playlist can be found below (he played some deep cuts).

Drunk & Horny “Paddelin Maddelin”

Yairms “The Beginning”

Human Behavior “Whore in Me”

Basement “Glass Breaking”

Dogbreth “Snickerdoodle”

Dinosaur Love “The War on Terror-Dons”

Wizards of Time “Little Jingle”

Serene Dominic “Solar System”

Sweat Lodge “Sad”

Freaks of Nature “Sick and Tired”

Treasure Mammal “EPT”

Space Alien Donald “Happy as Can Be”

Night Wolf “Freddy Rap”

Mr. Attoms Bombs “Brain Imploded”

Captain Squeegee & the Soap Suds “Ska Core”

Mia Loucks “Drugs”

Fathers Day “Disney World”

Recorded live on March 18, 2015.

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