5 Eclectic New Singles

Le Zets5 Eclectic New Singles 01

Favor for a Favor

If you missed the feisty debut from Phoenix rockers, Le Zets, I suggest you rectify the error of your ways by checking out “Favor for a Favor” – one of the stellar singles from their recent release. Garage rock with a heavy layer of blues, Le Zets create a sound that is at once familiar and totally fresh. You can give “Favor for a Favor” a listen here and make sure you stick around for “Red Death Mobile”. The full album is available from Atomic A Go Go Records through iTunes here.


5 Eclectic New Singles 02Wight Lhite


Tucson’s Wight Lhite just put out a split cassette with American Monoxide (also of Tucson) through Paisley Shirt Records. “Mermaids” is a dusty, dreamy, rocknroll number perfect for combatting the sweltering summer months poolside. Give the track a listen here and then head over here to check out American Monoxide’s Lynchian contribution to the split cassette. This is definitely a tape for the collection.


5 Eclectic New Singles 03Luxxe

Love Me

Newcomers on the local scene known as Luxxe have been quickly making a name for themselves, earning press and even a spot at the Vans Warped Tour with their infectious brand of pop music. Luxxe released their debut album on June 26th at the Crescent Ballroom. Singer/songwriter Seth Smades brings to mind folk-pop-fusion artists like Howie Day and One Republic, but Luxxe has their own take on the new radio classic.  If Luxxe is new on your radar, I suggest checking out their single, “Love Me”, right here.


5 Eclectic New Singles 04Language Barrier

Poetic, Pathetic

The stripped-down, bedroom sounds of Language Barrier are sweetly innocent and subtely sad. Although the band attaches the label “bummer punk” to their sound, I would say it falls more to the mellow side of the indie-folk spectrum. “Fingers/Fists” opens the two-track single from the Phoenix band. The living room recording fares better than the live track recorded at The Trunk Space (“Boris Yeltsin”), but you should definitely give both a listen here.


SURF5 Eclectic New Singles 05

National City

Just because they’re called SURF doesn’t mean you should approach these acoustic rockers with any expectations of campy beach tunes. Tempe’s SURF prefers something a little more low-key with a definite nod toward Seattle grunge rather than L.A. surf sounds. Their latest single, “National City”, comes on the heels of the band’s two-track Summer Sampler (available here) which was released back in April. “National City” has an almost ambient musicality without all the usual rises and falls of a rock song. You can preview (and download) the new single from SURF here.