Radio Phoenix Podcast with Dadadoh

dadadoh 01

Dadadoh joined us at Phoenix Center for the Arts for Rise on Radio Phoenix! He brought along his own photographer and a slew of great songs to share. Check out the podcast here! The complete playlist can be found below! Thanks to Frank C. Photography for use of the picture!

Complete Playlist:

Dadadoh “Never (Invite Whack People to my Shows)”

Naked Pizza “I’m Full of Lust (and I Want You)”

Zodiac Bash “Vocosis”

Fairy Bones “Heat on the Lips”

Ruca “Shotgun”

Izzy Mintz “Southwest’s Finest 2.0”

MC/DC “Anatomy of Art”

Red Tank! “The Void”

Creatures “Justified”

Lindy Vision “Last Call, Last Shot”

Japhy’s Descent “Bounce”

The Woodworks “Someones Foot is in my Shoe”

The Doyenne “Telekinetic”

Recorded live on Aug. 5, 2015

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