4 Fresh HipHop Releases

YabYum Music & ArtsMr. Miranda and 3KuBeBeats

Soul in Da Booth

Phoenix’s own Mr. Miranda joined forces with 3KuBeBeats for their sophmore album Soul in Da Booth. And, much like the title implies, this new release brings out the soulful center of hiphop with steady beats and smooth flows. Several of the tracks on Soul in Da Booth feature guest musicians including Random, Cash Lansky, DJ Reflekshin, and others. Check out Soul in Da Booth here and score your own copy.


Combine Vibes - YabYum Music & ArtsCombine Vibes

Freshly Made

Tucson’s Combine Vibes brings together the talents of TOP NAX and B3NBI with some rather impressive results. The duo released their first full-length, Freshly Made, in August. This is an album hiphop fans definitely want in their collection. Fresh beats with an old-school slant meet an empowering lyrical grove for fifteen tracks that will help you get your jam on. Listen to Freshly Made for yourself here. You won’t be sorry.


Grim Moses - YabYum Music & ArtsGrim Moses

Dog Eat God

The nine-track new release from Phoenix’s Grim Moses adds a layer of aggression that is heard more in the lyracism than in the music itself. That’s a potent combo. The listener starts jamming to the super slick musicality as the words slowly start to snake around in their head. This is my first encounter with Grim Moses, but Dog Eat God makes for a lasting impression. Here’s hoping we keep hearing more from the artist as time goes on. Until then, give Dog Eat God a listen here and offer up your  support.


YabYum Music & ArtsJessica Lee

Out, Pour

I haven’t really encountered many (or any) female emcees during my tenure at YabYum. Phoenix hiphop artist Jessica Lee first came onto my radar for just that reason: she was a woman rapping in Arizona. What hooked me, however, was the startling honesty presented in a lyrical style that hinted at desperation. Out, Pour offers listeners hiphop with a feminine perspective; rhythmic meditations on love and loss and the divide that separates them. Listen for yourself here. This is an artist I’m keeping my eye (or ear) on.


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