Radio Phoenix Podcast with Fairy Bones

Fairy Bones

Fairy Bones joined us down at Radio Phoenix studios for an installment of Rise! The podcast is available here and you can find the complete playlist below (including links to the bands)!!

Complete Playlist:

Fairy Bones “You and You Again”

The Burning of Rome “Norman Bates”

The Woodworks “Choke”

Zodiac Bash “Vocosis”

100 Watt Mind “Precious Woman”

Fairy Bones “Heat on the Lips”

Madus “Changing”

Captain Squeegee “Laughability”

Bad Neighbors “Once Upon a Planet”

Steff & the Articles “I Want More”

Paper Foxes “Til Death Do We Party”

Scattered Melodies “Ghost of Deathtrap”

Originally aired on October 7, 2015.

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