Radio Phoenix Podcast with Pro Teens

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PRO TEENS stormed the studio of Radio Phoenix with handfuls of chicken nuggets and every sauce you can imagine. They brought along some great tunes, including a new track from their own camp. For the complete playlist, look below.

Complete Playlist:

Pro Teens “Teen Feelz”

Best Dog Award “Bibledate”

Bear State “My Baby”

Day Before Plastics “Space Beach”

Dustin Youso “The Good Life”

Lures “Control”

Dylan Pratt “Creature on the Sill”

Pro Teens “Control”

Brian Lopez “Modern Man”

Amadoo’s Crew “Death by Lovesong”

The Bleep-Bloops “The Real You”

Roar “The Comfort of a Laugh”

Recorded live on Sept. 2, 2015\


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