Radio Phoenix Podcast with Treasure Mammal


The cast and crew of Treasure Mammal joined us at Radio Phoenix for Rise! They brought along an eclectic mix of music and an hour of rioutous good times. Check out the podcast here. The complete playlist can be found below. Tune in this coming Wednesday at 7pm to hear us live with The Sweetbleeders!

Complete Playlist:

Treasure Mammal “Missed Connections”

Mabson Enterprises “311 Calls Guitar Center”

Mabson Enterprises “We Just Talked”

Ghost Island “Tall Tears”

Happy Plaza “Don’t Hesitate”

Roar “Hope”

Lonna Kelley “Pretty Boy”

Glob “No You Aren’t Yes I Amethyst”

LiL PDF “”

Sweetbleeders “We Were Never Here”
Treasure Mammal “Did I Use the Word Divorce?”
Flaming Lips “Good Morning”
Recorded live on October 21, 2015.