Best HipHop Album: RNDM by Mega Ran

rndm 01We’ve been covering and enjoying Random aka Mega Ran for awhile now but something has clearly changed with the release of RNDM, his latest and, shall we say, greatest. First of all, it seems as though he has officially adopted the Mega Ran moniker, with all the obligation that it implies, something he speaks to within the context of the album and more specifically on “The Meeting”: “But you don’t understand the pressure and the demands/It was easy as Random it’s hard as Mega Ran.” Secondly, he’s working with more producers and MC’s than ever before on RNDM, yet still fusing a completely cohesive style from varying aspects of the hiphop community. He’s creating a sound all his own. Finally, although he’s been rapping and speaking of his life lessons and interests in video games this entire time, Mega Ran calls RNDM “the album of my life.” You can tell with each and every listen. Not to mention this album was successfully funded through Kickstarter (along with the documetary Mega Lo Mania: The Director’s Cut about Mega touring with a live band) for over 18 grand out of a $5,000 goal and at least 10 people own an actual NES cartridge featuring midi-instrumental versions of songs found on RNDM. Nothing tops that.

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