Why You Should Listen: Elephant Weather

elephant weatherby Frank Ippolito
Associate Editor

Elephant Weather is Emilio Couchee and is based in Tempe, Arizona.

Before I begin, I want to state: I hate this album.

I mean, the only way that I could garner up any more vitriol for Odd Skies is that if Couchee records another record – because what he has here are 8 songs of absolute pop goodness, with ungodly toe-tapping melodies, and ridiculously catchy hooks.

Did I mention I hate this record?

The piano is Couchee’s instrument, I’m assuming, because it’s prominently featured on every track, (Dear, Emilio, please include more information on your social sites, thank you, Frank), and the rest of the instrumentation is crazy wonderful. I mean, I caught myself tapping my foot to “It’s Okay” the second track on the album. Damn you, Elephant Weather.

And as I get to the fourth track, “82 or 23”, I find myself really getting agitated. Starting off with a simple guitar and uke, I’m helplessly sucked in. I didn’t want to but it’s like Mulder to an alien.

Whew! Finally! A track that I’m not too keen on titled, “Mind Back”. Here the artist launches into kinda of a rap-ish sing-songy thing and it didn’t really work for me.

Thank god.

Why you should listen:

Because this album will put you into a good mood, immediately.

What you should listen for:

The lyrics – they are very well written. The melodies. Let’s just say the lot of the album

What they sound like:

Like the band Beirut, Regina Spector and The Dresden Dolls had a love child. (Relationship status: Complicated.)

My favorite part:

There’s a moment on the track, “It’s Okay,” it’s a small moment, in fact the music stops and he utters, “Okay.” For just a beat mind you, but it simply makes the song.

Listen for yourself below.


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