Radio Phoenix Podcast: Captain Squeegee

captain squeegee

Danny Torgersen came down to Phoenix Center for the Arts for a new episode of Rise! He brought along a lot of swell tunes to share and filled us in on the Captain Squeegee happenings. The complete playlist can be found below. Listen here…

Complete Playlist:

Captain Squeegee “Seek”

Fairy Bones “Yeah Pretty Yeah”

Bear Ghost “Funkle Phil”

Harrison Fjord “People I Meet”

Twin Ponies “Merciless and Masculine”

Captain Squeegee “The Farce 500-Million”

Steff Koeppen “Celebrate”

Luna Aura “Radio”

House of Stairs “Silence Won’t You Come Back”

Celebration Guns “The Volunteer”

Scattered Melodies “Error”

Recorded live on January 6, 2016.